A selection of my work is open source and available for public consumption. This page highlights what I'm currently focused on.
Edit: who am I kidding? There's no way I'm going to keep this up to date. If you're that interested in stalking me, just go to GitHub and poke around.


Update: Like most of the grand ideas I've had in my life, this project is now dead. The code still exists, though. If you care enough to read it.

SeatStat helps teachers easily create seating plans for their classrooms. It's a hobby project I started very recently, so the code's still a mess and the direction and longevity of the project is still up in the air. It has a python (Pyramid) backend and an AngularJS frontend. Check out the code on GitHub or the beta app at www.seatstat.com.


Update: Like most of the grand ideas I've had in my life, this project is now virtually dead. It's interesting to think that there was a time when this kind of project seemed like a good use of my time.

PIM (Personal Information Manager) is a hobby project I occassionally put some work into. It's been a long time with little progress because I keep shifting focus to other things, but at some point I'm hoping to get it to the point where it's usable. The basic idea behind PIM is to have a place to store all kinds of personal data I like to track, from finances and budgeting to a diary to notes. PIM was the first project I started using python on the backend, and I'm using it to learn a new stack I can use on a non-Windows environment. You can view the code on GitHub.