My Head :)
Hello there. I'm Aaron Greenwald and I once looked like the guy in that picture. Welcome to my small corner of the web.


  • I code (all the time)
  • I work (a fair amount)
  • I talk (now and then)
  • I tweet (infrequently)
  • I blog (even less frequently)

The Details

I am currently focused primarily on mobile development using React Native. In the past, I've worked on projects that included full-stack web development (mostly .NET and SQL Server on the backend), front-end web development (AngularJS) or desktop applications (WinForms). I've also dabbled in nodejs and mongodb a bit, and I'm interested in spending more time with those technologies in the future.

I recently moved myself to Tel Aviv, Israel from Washington, DC. Prior to living in DC, I did time in NYC and Baltimore. I have native-level fluency in English and a rapidly improving Hebrew, as well as a desire to improve my skills in a few other languages. I hold a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Touro College in NY.

My (mostly) complete professional bio can be found on my CV or on LinkedIn, and samples of my work can be found on GitHub.

Contact Me

Because I recieve a lot of spam through LinkedIn, I don't usually monitor my inbox there. The best way to reach me is directly via . (If you send spam to my email inbox, I will probably ignore you as well. Please don't.) If you're reading this on a mobile device, you can also download my contact card.
About Me: The Long Version