About Me

Over the years, I've done a broad range of application development using a variety of tech. Lately I've developed a strong preference for "fullstack" work because I enjoy building products end-to-end. Things I've worked on professionally:

  • Web apps with React and Angular
  • Mobile apps with React Native
  • Scala server development
  • .NET and SQL Server backends
  • Nodejs
I've also lightly used Kotlin in hobby projects, and once upon a time WinForms was my tool of choice.

A few years ago I moved to Tel Aviv, Israel from Washington, DC. Prior to living in DC, I did time in NYC and Baltimore. I have native-level fluency in English and a working proficiency in Hebrew, as well as a desire to improve my skills in a few other languages. I hold a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Touro College in NY.

My (mostly) complete professional bio can be found on my CV or on LinkedIn, and samples of my work can be found on GitHub.

Contact Me

I don't monitor LinkedIn or other social networks regularly. The best way to reach me is directly via email. If you're reading this on a mobile device, you can also download my contact card.